1st time DM'ing: Just my luck!

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The Hyenas of Doom

We started the campaign after a sudden and magically caused amnesia to both our clich├ęd characters: Content Not Found: tokarin-elgyr the dwarf and [[: erevan | Erevan]] the elf (/ Eladrin).
Next they know, they’re being chased by a couple of imps and a carnage demon, enraged by their actions (opening a magical amnesia-inducing door?!?!?!). After an undisputed defeat, both characters find a valued guide in the sole surviving imp, whom guides them through the ancient structure, home to many demons and magical surprises/traps.
After facing 3 Legion Devil Grunts (that transformed into stone after one measly hit), surviving the grasp of the feared Balgura (a demon wildly overestimated by this N00B of a DM :S), and avoiding the awakening of the terrible Demogorgon, you’d have thought them safe at last … Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Their dimwitted companion imp double-crossed them, revealing himself as a smarter creature than thought of. Calling forth two obedient but pissed-off Cacklefiend Hyenas that nearly annihilated our pair of heroes.
Weren’t it for the mercy shown from Moradin and the Raven Queen, our dear elf and dwarf wouldn’t have made it with their hides. But the gods favored them tonight, so they live to run safely back to the village faintly remembered by one lucky elf …
What else is left in-stored for them? Who knows?!?!?! Cuz not even the DM is sure :S


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